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Grazia UK new issue Coming soon!


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Elle Cover Story (March 2011) – “Keira 4 Tom!”

Whats the story?:

Keira Knightley (actress / model) discusses her newest venture with designer Tom Ford – modelling for his first womenswear collection.

Interviewed by: Alice Wignall

Photographed by: Terry Tsiolis

Styled by: Anne-Marie Curtis

” On one side of the room, a nice young woman in a great dress, working hard, doing her best at the end of a long day, full of flu and starting to feel it. On the other…Keira Knightley, there! Look! On the screen! Can you see? And that’s it, I think: the camera doesn’t just love her. It loves the very bones of her; it wants to eat her up and turn her into someone new.”




I felt Keira came across very well in the interview and looks stunning in the pictures. Has anyone else read the article? What are your thoughts on the new Tom Ford womenswear collection and do you think Keira was the right lady for the job?

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Elle Self (March 2011) – “How i found ‘The One'”

Article written by: a variety of contributors

“Whats your all time amazing find, the one thing you can’t live without? Eight writers trace their steps along the path to shopping enlightenment”

Writers chose the following:

– The Facialist

– The Jeans

– The Extensions

– The Mascara                                                                             

– The Coat

– The Bikini Waxer

– The Car

– The Yoga Teacher

I think mine would have to be my GHD’s. Before hair straighteners were invented I literally had the hair of a wild woman. I still do after I have blowdried it 🙂 I thank god every day for my GHD’s, and I am sure the world does too!…what’s ‘The One’ for you?!

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Elle Photoshoot (March 2011) – “Beneath the evening star”

Fave Elle Photoshoot of the month: Ethereal dresses + delicate lace + diaphanous silk + flowing chiffon

Photographer: Matthew Vriens McGrath

Fashion by: Anne-Marie Curtis




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Elle Culture (March 2011) – ‘My Life in Books’ by Sophie Dahl

Sophie Dahl (model but in my eyes, more importantly, granddaughter of Roald Dahl…how cool!) picks favourite books throughout her life. Surprisingly she didn’t pick a book written by the late great Roald Dahl – of which many had a great impact on my childhood. A stand out book for me that she picked was ‘The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton.

A story of a tree with a different land at the top of it each week. I loved most of Enid Blyton’s stories when I was a child, the quaintness, naivety and fantasy which you can never seem to escape to once you enter adulthood.

What books have inspired you?

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Elle Edits (March 2011) – styles and designers of the season

1/ Minimal or Maximal?

The Good Girl  vs  The Bad Girl

Good Girl: White + Neutral + Minimalism

Bad Girl: Statement + Crayola Colours + Clashing Patterns + Leather



2/ The Rebels

Designers’: Meadham Kirchhoff  “The new champions of London Cool” (Rebecca Lowthorpe) 



3/ The Trouser

New Silhouettes

The Slouch / The High Waist Flare / The Hot Jean / The Super-Wide Stride / The Best Trouser Suit


My Fave? The Slouch – As seen in Charlotte Ronsons FALL 2011 collection. Whats your go2 trouser for the coming seasons?

4/ The Accessory

Shoes and Architecture


These are from the Balenciaga FALL 2010 collection – aren’t they amazing! I would hope that you would be able to put them together and take them apart like lego..would certainly make a bus journey to work more entertaining?!

Architecture has yet again inspired the catwalks for this year…step forward Pierre Hardy FALL 2011 –


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Elle Debate (March 2011) – “Is fashion racist, ageist and fattist?”


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