Elle Cover Story (March 2011) – “Keira 4 Tom!”

Whats the story?:

Keira Knightley (actress / model) discusses her newest venture with designer Tom Ford – modelling for his first womenswear collection.

Interviewed by: Alice Wignall

Photographed by: Terry Tsiolis

Styled by: Anne-Marie Curtis

” On one side of the room, a nice young woman in a great dress, working hard, doing her best at the end of a long day, full of flu and starting to feel it. On the other…Keira Knightley, there! Look! On the screen! Can you see? And that’s it, I think: the camera doesn’t just love her. It loves the very bones of her; it wants to eat her up and turn her into someone new.”




I felt Keira came across very well in the interview and looks stunning in the pictures. Has anyone else read the article? What are your thoughts on the new Tom Ford womenswear collection and do you think Keira was the right lady for the job?


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