InStyle Beauty (March 2011) – “Naked Truth”


Article written by: Nicky Kinnaird, founder of beauty emporium Space NK – Nicky “takes a good hard look at herself and finds that beauty is a balancing act

The pursuit of beauty can become


Nicky discusses how she looks after herself and her body and how to balance wanting to feel good about yourself without self obsession and the endless quest for ”beauty’ (whatever that is!).

I work to live my life in balance, to act beautiful and know when less is more…and when less is simply less. I am on a constant quest for self-improvement – not to be more ‘beautiful’, but to feel more fulfilled. This has undoubtedly given me greater confidence within my own skin, irrespective of anyone else’s assessment.”

Anyone else spent endless hours analyzing the way you look in a mirror – spending a fortune on products and then finally realising (without sounding ridiculously cheesy) that you really do look most ‘beautiful’ when you are content within the inside.


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  1. I kick myself in the but every-time I see blogs as fabulous as this because I should stop browsing and start working on mine.;-)

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