Grazia Article (March 14 2011) – “I got pregnant with the wrong baby”

” It’s the story that shocked America: one woman’s tale of the IVF mix-up that went horribly wrong.”

Carolyn Savage talks to Grazia about the living nightmare of being pregnant with someone else’s baby by mistake – the baby she had to give away…



“I was 4 months pregnant – with another woman’s child. I wasn’t a willing surrogate mother, carrying a baby for someone else unable to have their own. No. In a one-in-a-million freak accident, my IVF treatment had gone horribly wrong and the doctors had implanted me with a strangers embryo by mistake. However much this baby felt like mine, it wasn’t. I was pregnant with someone else’s child.”


This is a fascinating story which shares the intimate feelings of a woman who was implanted with the wrong embryo and made the difficult decision with her husband to stay pregnant (despite advice from doctors), give birth to the baby and give the baby to his genetic parents. The article is written in her own words and the couple have actually written a book on their experiences entitled – ‘Inconceivable’. It raises interesting questions around the use of IVF as a medical intervention. I have no doubt that IVF is an amazing opportunity for couples who cannot conceive ‘naturally’ but when mistakes like this are made is it too dangerous to take the risk? Whatever your beliefs there is no doubt that this lady has made the ultimate sacrifice, rather than terminating life she gave the ultimate gift of life to another couple.




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