Grazia (March 14 2011) – “This weeks ups and downs”


“lOOK AT ME EARRINGS – Prada’s bananas, Danielle Scott’s lipsticks, House of Holland’s pom-poms, it’s earrings-tastic!”

“cHARLOTTE FREE – she’s only been modelling a matter of weeks, but the fash pack love this 5FT 7inch LA model – must be something to do with that pink hair”


“tHE EX-GIRLFRIEND JEAN – we’ve got the boyfriend jeans; now Levi’s have created a skinny jean for men – like the ones he used to nick off you!”


” tHE HOUR – the ‘British Mad Men’, set in a newsroom in the ’50s, starts soon. Could Ben Whishaw be our new retro crush?”








” tWENEMIES – how can you like someone in real life, but find them so annoying on Twitter? Eek!”





” mASTERCHEF – sob stories, long pauses, weeping family members – when did it turn into X Factor?”




“vA-TOOS – first it was vajazzling. Now, girls are getting tattoos down there. Stop, people, stop!”




” pEACHES GELDOF – she’s rebranded herself as a – wait for it – agony aunt for her new TV show. Would you take advise from this woman? No, us neither…”








Article written by Amy Molloy


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