Grazia (March 28 2011) – “You – the fashion jury”




Florence Welch



“Looking at this picture makes me sigh with happiness. Florence knows how to dress. This outfit suits her colouring perfectly and is totally in tune with fashion now. She looks more glossy American fashion editor than British pop star.” – Melanie Rickey (Grazia fashion editor at large)


” Florence is the epitome of old school elegance here. The colour palette looks amazing against her fiery red hair and pale skin.” – XTIE123 (general public)



Jessica Alba




“Green tshirt, orange skirt? With sequins? Sounds horrendous on paper, but looks great in real life. Well, on Jessica anyway. Very confident, bit quirky, very cool. Hot mama to be.” – David Lamb (fashion stylist and writer)


“Jessica looks gorgeous. Proenza Schouler was my favourite summer collection, and she makes it look so effortless.” – CHAZKING (general public)



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