Marie Claire UK – May 2011 – Front Cover


Front Cover: Glamorous + Sophisticated + Bright Lip

Cover Star: January Jones

Wearing: Diane Von Furstenburg

Photographed by – Guy Aroch

** On offer for £2 instead of £3.60 **



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2 responses to “Marie Claire UK – May 2011 – Front Cover

  1. This magazine has really grown on me of late, for a lot of reasons. Glamour and Cosmo don’t appeal to me as much, partly due the the drop in their quality, and partly just due to the fact that I’m not in their target age group. Marie Claire has far more articles that are in line with my interests. They attempt to cover real issues that have an impact on women’s lives. They are able to write stories about the status of women in the world (i.e. their Taliban articles) in a way that makes the information accessible without treating the reader like you are stupid and totally oversimplifying. I also like that not all the models look anorexic, and they don’t inundate the reader with diet advice, or articles on sex and how to find/get/keep a man. This is still a light beach read compared to a hard new magazine, but it’s far better than most other magazines in this genre.

    • Hi – Thank you for your comment and I apologize for the delay in replying, for some reason your comment went into spam… I have to say I agree with you. I really enjoy reading Marie Claire, it has a little bit of everything which is what I am looking for. Unfortunately I feel like it doesn’t stand out from the crowd in a magazine stand like many of it’s counterparts, which is why I think perhaps they may miss out on potential new readers. Adding freebies to issues may lure some new customers in!

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