Glamour (May 2011) – “The Big Easy”

“Soft, playful and pretty, this is the best summer hair you’ve ever had. And yes, its the simplest too!….” By Vicki Norton

Glamour asked the master of easy-looking-hair, Sam McKnight, to show how effortlessly sexy hair is done. “I always like looks that are a little more lived in, that have life to them”, he says. “Soft, loose hair with a relaxed texture is perfect for summer. It’s sexy, it’s a little bit ’70s – so relevant this season – and it’s practical. It doesn’t just look easy, it is easy”.




SEXY HAIR STARTS HERE: Tips from Sam McKnight 

1/ Start with freshly shampooed hair. You won’t get that unforced lift and healthy sheen if it’s gunky. 

2/ Massage some Pro V Volume and Body mousse through the roots and lengths, then blow-dry hair smooth using a large round brush (if your naturally curly) or paddle brusj (if your hair is straight) 

3/ For the body, you can use hot rollers or Velcros, but I like a big curling tong. You randomly twist slices of hair around the barrel and carefully pin it up until it’s cool.

And here is some of Sam McKnight’more ‘alternative’ hair looks!




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6 responses to “Glamour (May 2011) – “The Big Easy”

  1. Oh, I wish I had hair like this! Lovely!

  2. It’s kinda heroin sheik. Not my thing personally.

    • I can kind of see where you’re coming from, in terms of the model and her poses..but not so sure whether I would describe the hair as ‘heroin chic’….thanks for the comment!

  3. laura

    what’s the model’s name? she’s georguess!

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