Grazia (May 2 2011) – 10 hot stories – No.1 “Inside the A-list Fashion-Fest”

words by Emily Maddick…

” It’s 99 degrees in the Californian desert. Palm trees, pink bougainvillea and beautiful people are everywhere. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s hippy and there’s not a whiff of festival loo or pile of empty Strongbow in sight. This was last week’s Coachella music festival – THE most fashionably fabulous, A-list music event on the planet, setting the agenda for how the rest of us shall be festivalling this summer (lace, headpieces, feathers, maxis and – if you can cope – heels). ” 

my favourite pick of the celebrity bunch from coachella is isabel lucas. she couldn’t be more what festival style epitomizes for me, pulled off effortlessly…

isabel lucas & angus stone


..these guys look like they have stepped out of a time machine from woodstock..i ❤ it




and here is a nice little vid of coachella 2011 style…

(olhabear – youtube) 


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