Grazia (May 10 2011) – “This weeks ups and downs”


“OLIVIER ROUSTEING – He’s hot! He’s the new creative director of Balmain! We’re excited!” 


“TIED-UP SHIRTS – This season’s way to wear your shirt – perfect for showing off that all important highdriff!” 


“TUBECRUSH.NET – Spotted a hot man on your Tube journey? Take a sneaky picture, then upload it to this rather addictive website”


“ADR: THE EXHIBITION – A whole exhibition dedicated to Anna Della Russo? Yes, it exists (sadly in Toronto, but still…) 




“COBBLE WOBBLE – Wedges + cobbled pavements = terrifying 


“CRR – New stats say three quarters of us get Changing Room Rage while we’re shopping. Eek!


“SCHOOL RUN-ZILLAS – Getting up at 5am to get your hair as bouncy as Elle’s before the school run = hardcore 


“FACEBOOK FREAKOUTS – A new survey reckons half of us would love to delete our online history. Too late…” 

Article written by Jess Rogers


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