My guilty pleasure is fashion magazines. Curling up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a magazine in the other, trawling through the glossy pages…quite contentment – pure escapism. They are a channel to another world, a world that I admire, perhaps even envy..but a world which I am also happy to peer through the window of rather than climb in. I will never have the riches to wear ‘the’ hot new S/S collection, but I will always be able to afford to buy and appreciate (and sometimes ‘primarni’ imitate!) the colours, words, creativeness and beauty.

This blog is inspired by my guilty pleasure. When my friends visit me their eyes are drawn to my box of magazines and suddenly they are lost in that moment. We are all flicking through the pages, having excitable conversations about a particular outfit, or in-depth discussions about a moral dilemma raised in an article. I love those moments alone with a magazine, taking my time to look at the images and digest the words…but I then want to talk about it, discuss, argue, be passionate! I want to do this with readers of my blog – by providing them with snippets of some of the ‘best bits’ from the UK fashion mags I love and creating opportunity for comment and discussion. Remember, this blog won’t replace the feeling of flicking through a real magazine, but I love the idea of having snippets of all my favourite magazines in one place, sharing and talking about it with others.




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