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Tatler UK AD (May 2011)









Favourite Tatler AD this month – Chanel featuring: Blake Lively – I adore Blake Lively, but do these ads showcase her (as well as the brand) enough?? Her legs are one of her best features and it would be nice to see some full length adverts of her… – What do you think?? Here are the other ads from the campaign:











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Elle Edits (April 2011) – “Trends: the look of LOVE and how you wear it”


2/ How to do romance – BIG LOVE


by Rebecca Lowthorpe

” ‘It’s music to my ears’, says Anita Borzyszkowska Gap’s vice president of global PR and a fashion realist if ever there was one.  ‘It’s just so refreshing after so much sobriety’, she adds, ‘This “new” romance: it’s a more wearable, woman interpretation. It’s lightness without the frivolity.’ ”





4/ The Detail – Mini Bags


“Lipstick, phone, cards, keys and one of these – it’s all you need”








6/ New Designer – Who are you?? “Hermione de Paula”













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