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Elle Beauty (May 2011) – “The 50k woman”


“From BOTOX to peels, LIPO to lip implants, Avril Mair’s done it all. But was it WORTH it?….”

ON TEETH – £6, 550… veneers, whitening 

ON SKIN – £6, 1O3… consultation, ipl, red light treatment and peel, facial 

ON BODY – £7, 290… macrolane boob job, ultra lipolyse, sports massage, deep tissue massage 

ON HAIR – £4, 599… colour and cut, soprano xl laser hair removal extended bikini, phillips luea hair removal system

ON GROOMING – £3, 117… medical pedicure, eyelash extensions 

ON FACE – £15, 165… eyebrow reconstruction, vaser lipo, permalip implant, botox, filler, restylane vital, sculptra, clinic facial rejuvenation, perlane, juvederm

ON EXERCISE – £3, 740… virgin active membership, personal training, nike training club app 

ON WEIGHT – £1, 523… juice detox, new you boot camp, face reading 

Ok so Avril Mair is ELLE’S Beauty Extremist and has spent the last 2 years spending 50GRAND on the above treatments. 50GRAND!

In this article Avril talks about what she has spent her money on and what she considers (out of the treatments she has tried) the things she cannot live without, these include;

The haircuts and colour (fair enough), the tooth whitening (again, fair enough but def a luxury), the elaborate skincare routine (at a cost of £6, 103?!), the filler and the Sculptra (which is £400 for 3 sessions!), Botox and eyelash extensions….

Really!! This makes me wonder how I live on my Nivea Facewipes, foundation, powder, blush and mascara. Maybe because, if I had the money, I would rather spend it on other things.

How much does your beauty routine cost you? Do you think its acceptable to spend so much money on trying to look good?


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Marie Claire (May 2011) – “Does anyone look their age anymore?”

“In an age where women are under more pressure to hold onto their looks, and millions are spent each year on cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing products, can you really turn back time?”


Stephanie Clarkson gets 10 readers of Marie Claire to give their opinion on the issue…

I’m the right age to make the most of surgery – Zoe Budd, 27


Sunbathing in my twenties is catching up with me now – Donna Ide, 37


Exercise keeps me looking young – Lucy Wyndham-Read, 40


Life’s too short to worry about ageing – Amanda Jenner, 36


I’d rather binge on luxury beauty creams than Botox – Vanessa Kandiyoti, 31


I have the body of a 21 year old and the face of a 38 year old – Caroline Pearce, 29


Facials are key to looking young – Libby Andrews, 25


Youthful looks come from a youthful attitude – Elizabeth Young, 44


Giving up alcohol is the best anti-ageing move I’ve made – Faiza Seth, 33


Having Botox now should protect against ageing later – Katie Mason, 25









The average age at which women feel they have hit their beauty ‘peak’






The age at which girls in the UK start to worry about their weight





The percentage of women dissatisfied with their body shape






The number of bad body thoughts a woman has each day






The number of years older than her real age the average woman looks






Age of the world’s youngest Botox user (who is given injections by her mother)






The number of breast augmentations that were performed in the UK last year






The number of cosmetic procedures undergone by 50 year old Sarah Burge aka the UK’s ‘human barbie’




The perfect age for women to go under the knife according to a public survey






The number of times a woman will change her hairstyle in her lifestyle






MILLION! – The amount of unused skincare products gathering dust in our bathrooms






The number of officially recorded deaths from having a ‘bum lift’






MILLION – The estimated number of women suffering from anorexia in the UK






The age of one of the oldest women in the world to have a facelift






THOUSAND! – The amount of money we will spend on beauty in our lifetime



Any of these statistics surprise you?! I do like my beauty products and trying to enhance what i naturally have but I really feel we have gone too far when 11 year olds are having Botox – what are your thoughts?? are we as women becoming far too obsessed with beauty??

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Grazia (April 4 2011) – “You – the fashion jury”






“Warning: only Olivia P can get away with wearing a dress the same colour as her skin tone and still glow. I’d hate her if she wasn’t so damn sweet!” – Kay Barron (Grazia fashion news editor)



“The belt bothers me – a lot! The dress is just “Mneh”. It screams ACCESSORISE ME, which I’m afraid Ms. Palermo failed to do.” – Stephanie Lowe (general public)








“This number makes Kate resemble one of those waitress figurines you find outside American diners in the middle of the desert. What’s more, she appears to be playing Wheres Wally? by trying to blend in with the wallpaper. Strange.” – Jim Shelley (The Mirrors TV columnist)



“I’m normally a big fan, but this is not great. Did she steal the dress from a contestant on Dancing on Ice?” – Antonia Ball (General public)



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Grazia RealLife (March 28 2011) – “Where did all my friends go?”





” You’ve got 350 Facebook friends; you look at every picture they put up…but when do you ever see them? As a new survey reveals half of us only see our best friends once a month, writer Christina Quaine, talks about the moment she realised her friends had disappeared from her life, and wonders how she went from great mate – to stalemate….” Words by Christina Quaine


I ‘chat’ to my hundreds of Facebook friends online. I write Happy Birthday on their wall, and I comment on their holiday pictures. But when do I actually see them? Two of my close friends, Sam and Katherine, both have babies who I see changing month by month as I flick through their Facebook pictures – but as for getting on a train and going to see them? Well, I haven’t seen Sam in four months, or Katherine for even longer…

The trouble with Facebook is that it’s like rolling news – you can’t tear yourself away from the constant stream of updates. But when you’re confronted with real people down the pub, you’ve got information fatigue because you know it all already.





Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s worried. Statistics show that far from wanting to get fitter or richer this year, half of us said our top 2011 resolution is to see family and friends more often. Shockingly 45% see our best friends just once a month or less – as i write, I haven’t see Amy for 2 weeks and she only lives 20 minutes away.


In an age where Facebook will tell you how your friends are feeling, what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with and when it’s their birthday, it can be easy to forget that there’s no substitute for real-time friend time; the intimacy of  having a proper laugh with a mate, instead of typing ‘LOL’ on their Facebook status.



I am probably a rare creature in the fact that I don’t have a Facebook account. I have been pestered on numerous occasions but to no avail! To me (and this is just my personal opinion), I like to speak to my friends on the phone and see them in real life…the people that are important to me I keep in contact with and the people that are acquaintances I accept that they are part of my life during certain stages. I understand when friends and family live in other countries it is lovely to see photos and keep in contact that way, that is a great element of Facebook…what scares me are stories of affairs, people sharing their emotions about the states of their relationships – doesn’t anyone keep anything private anymore? What are your thoughts on the Facebook generation?? Do you think it is taking away peoples social skills – are you worried for the next generation??



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Elle Relationships (April 2011) – “Why men cheat”

“The ultimate betrayal by the one you trust. But are some men hardwired to be adulterers or is it brazen opportunism? Author Peadar de Burca spoke to 250 unfaithful men to discover the answer.”

I interviewed 250 men who had cheated on their partners. They wore me out, but I learnt a lot – give me 10 minutes with any man, young or old, and I’ll tell you if his a cheat or not. In five years of interviews, I would always ask what the ‘other’ woman was like – appearance, personality, profession. There was one constant. Longer hair. (Now you know why women compliment other women after a haircut – another rival out of the equation). Why did I interview these men? I wanted to find out why men cheat so that I wouldn’t make any mistakes when I met the woman I loved.



When my interviewees recollected their affairs, talk of sex was absent. The memory of great sex will fade as quickly as the memory of a great meal. What animated their stories was being born again in another’s eyes. A new woman meant a new them; briefly they could stop being their old hated self.



Cheats initially project the very image of heartiness – an easy smile, a laugh, a little bit of what you fancy. Spend enough time with them, ask the right questions and the facade starts to crumble. Social status is no insulation – the profession that popped up the most from my 250 interviews? Doctors.



To date I’ve spoken to almost 100 women who’ve been cheated on. Their stories are passionate and honest. Some women are inspiring; they moved on from the cheats and blossomed. But many didn’t value themselves enough to do anything but put up with it.


By the time I came to the end of my male interviews, I was exhausted from spending time with a legion of fools. Men? The stubble on their crooked faces gave them that appearance, but their actions marked them as frightened little boys.



“You want to know how a man will behave in a relationship? Watch how he behaves around the people who raised him, don’t just listen to what he says. How does he interact with his sisters, his mother? How does he value them? The men I talked to showed a startling lack of respect when reflecting on theirs. Don’t focus on his job or income, focus on his energy. Does he make time for those that are close to him? Watch. Maybe you’ll find that you do indeed have someone who is interested in being the sort of man that thinks of others rather than his own selfish pleasure. Am I that man? I really hope so. Not just for my new wife’s sake (I found The One), but for mine. Nowadays we have very little to believe in, but I believe in my family; I believe in love.”


I can’t believe that the author of this article spent 5 years researching ‘why men cheat’…how depressing must that have been. Being a woman that has experienced a man cheating on her I have found the best way of dealing with it was to close the page on that nasty book and move on!

What put an interesting spin on this article was that it was written by a man (which I didn’t realise until half way through the first page!) He had his reasons for the research – he wanted to be a better man, be a good man for his future wife. He actually described the men he interviewed as ‘fools’, not brave but true – men that cheat are fools (and women too) Why cheat? If you do not want to be with someone then be single, play around, but don’t play with peoples hearts. How do you feel about this issue? Have you been cheated on – do you agree with the author of this articles points? Are all men capable of cheating? Or are you the cheater – what are your views on the subject?








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Marie Claire (April 2011) – “Let’s give a voice to women who cannot speak up for themselves”

Annie Lennox discusses ‘International Womens Day’ which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. It is on March 8th 2011 and Annie “explains why the fight for women’s right to vote, work and educate their daughters remains as vital now as 100 years ago”

Feminism means having a sense of duty

to other mothers, sisters and daughters across the



The article focuses on countries from around the world, the predominant issues that face women in those countries and what women are striving to achieve for those countries through campaigning and charity work.


“Cambodia – The right… to an education, not exploitation

Sudan – The right…to vote for a say over our futures

Pakistan – The right…to live without fear of violence

Mexico – The right…to walk the streets safely

Afghanistan – The right…to enjoy our lives without persecution

India – The right...for baby girls to be accepted as equals

Ghana – The right...to give birth in safety and have access to healthcare”


This is an inspiring article. The page that stood out for me was looking at the country of Pakistan. It talks about domestic violence in Pakistan. An issue that is rife there – but also around the world. Incredibly “Domestic violence causes more death and disability to women worldwide than war, cancer, malaria or any other single cause”. In Pakistan 150 women are victims of acid attacks – “the attacker is usually a man whose marriage proposal has been refused, an abusive husband or in-laws avenging ‘dishonour’ brought on the family”. The images are truly shocking but I was overwhelmed by the strength and braveness of character that also stands out in their faces.




Find out how you can help @ marieclaire.co.uk/internationalwomensday





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InStyle Beauty (March 2011) – “Naked Truth”


Article written by: Nicky Kinnaird, founder of beauty emporium Space NK – Nicky “takes a good hard look at herself and finds that beauty is a balancing act

The pursuit of beauty can become


Nicky discusses how she looks after herself and her body and how to balance wanting to feel good about yourself without self obsession and the endless quest for ”beauty’ (whatever that is!).

I work to live my life in balance, to act beautiful and know when less is more…and when less is simply less. I am on a constant quest for self-improvement – not to be more ‘beautiful’, but to feel more fulfilled. This has undoubtedly given me greater confidence within my own skin, irrespective of anyone else’s assessment.”

Anyone else spent endless hours analyzing the way you look in a mirror – spending a fortune on products and then finally realising (without sounding ridiculously cheesy) that you really do look most ‘beautiful’ when you are content within the inside.

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