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Grazia (May 10 2011) – “This weeks ups and downs”


“OLIVIER ROUSTEING – He’s hot! He’s the new creative director of Balmain! We’re excited!” 


“TIED-UP SHIRTS – This season’s way to wear your shirt – perfect for showing off that all important highdriff!” 


“TUBECRUSH.NET – Spotted a hot man on your Tube journey? Take a sneaky picture, then upload it to this rather addictive website”


“ADR: THE EXHIBITION – A whole exhibition dedicated to Anna Della Russo? Yes, it exists (sadly in Toronto, but still…) 




“COBBLE WOBBLE – Wedges + cobbled pavements = terrifying 


“CRR – New stats say three quarters of us get Changing Room Rage while we’re shopping. Eek!


“SCHOOL RUN-ZILLAS – Getting up at 5am to get your hair as bouncy as Elle’s before the school run = hardcore 


“FACEBOOK FREAKOUTS – A new survey reckons half of us would love to delete our online history. Too late…” 

Article written by Jess Rogers


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Elle UK AD (May 2011)


Favourite Elle AD this month – Emporio Armani – I think most of us ‘normal’ human beings, rather than ethereal supermodels, would look ridiculous in these sunglasses – which is why this lovely lady looks Stunning….we can admire but must never replicate! 

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Elle Beauty (May 2011) – “The 50k woman”


“From BOTOX to peels, LIPO to lip implants, Avril Mair’s done it all. But was it WORTH it?….”

ON TEETH – £6, 550… veneers, whitening 

ON SKIN – £6, 1O3… consultation, ipl, red light treatment and peel, facial 

ON BODY – £7, 290… macrolane boob job, ultra lipolyse, sports massage, deep tissue massage 

ON HAIR – £4, 599… colour and cut, soprano xl laser hair removal extended bikini, phillips luea hair removal system

ON GROOMING – £3, 117… medical pedicure, eyelash extensions 

ON FACE – £15, 165… eyebrow reconstruction, vaser lipo, permalip implant, botox, filler, restylane vital, sculptra, clinic facial rejuvenation, perlane, juvederm

ON EXERCISE – £3, 740… virgin active membership, personal training, nike training club app 

ON WEIGHT – £1, 523… juice detox, new you boot camp, face reading 

Ok so Avril Mair is ELLE’S Beauty Extremist and has spent the last 2 years spending 50GRAND on the above treatments. 50GRAND!

In this article Avril talks about what she has spent her money on and what she considers (out of the treatments she has tried) the things she cannot live without, these include;

The haircuts and colour (fair enough), the tooth whitening (again, fair enough but def a luxury), the elaborate skincare routine (at a cost of £6, 103?!), the filler and the Sculptra (which is £400 for 3 sessions!), Botox and eyelash extensions….

Really!! This makes me wonder how I live on my Nivea Facewipes, foundation, powder, blush and mascara. Maybe because, if I had the money, I would rather spend it on other things.

How much does your beauty routine cost you? Do you think its acceptable to spend so much money on trying to look good?

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Elle Cover Story (May 2011) – “Reece is the word”

Words by Alice Wignall

Photographed by Ben Hassett

Styling by Heather Mary Jackson

“Actress. Award winner. Producer. Mother. Star. Reece Witherspoon is the woman who makes it all work. Now in love, and engaged she can’t have a care in the world, right? Don’t you believe it.”





It’s an EXCITING feeling. [somebody saying] “You’re the one.” And it’s a SURPRISE. You’re surprised somebody want’s to be with you because, boy, I’ve got a lot of QUIRKS and WRINKLES.


I do think that’s probably the HARDEST part of this whole business. The JUDGEMENT and the rejection, constantly. It doesn’t ever stop. Judging. Rejecting. They can really KICK ya, you know?



When we start MEASURING women on their APPEARANCE…We’re just too hard on each other. Women need to stop TEARING each other apart. There’s plenty of room for all of us, plenty of men





I think I like Reece. She’s the kind of girl you could imagine as your friend..who you wanted to hate because she is so beautiful, but cant help but love because she is so damn nice! My fave Reece quote from the article – “I would probably summarise my entire personality by saying I’m very…cardigan” – and I’m reminded why I like her….because she is my cardy, pop on one of her films and I instantly feel comfy!


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Elle UK (May 2011) – Front Cover




Front Cover: The NEW STYLE issue —> SPRING + FRESH

Cover Star: Newlywed Reece Witherspoon

Wearing – Emporio Armani

Photographed by Ben Hassett



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Elle Photo shoot (April 2011) – “Silk Cuts”






Model: Sessilee Lopez

Photographer: Karen Collins

Fashion by: Sasa Thomann











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Elle (April 2011) – “Style Awards”

“Question: where would you find the world’s best designers, film stars, models and musicians – all in one room? At the 14th ELLE Style Awards, of course.”
My fave dress from their pick of the bunch was worn by Emma Watson – I have a love/hate relationship with Emma Watson’s hair. She clearly has such a beautiful face that she can carry off the pixie look – but sometimes I feel it ages her – what she wears makes a huge difference to that. So this look is so modern, fresh and young that it effortlessly compliments her hairstyle to a British ‘T’!
Emma Watson & Vivienne Westwood
…in Hakaan…

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