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InStyle Beauty (March 2011) – “Naked Truth”


Article written by: Nicky Kinnaird, founder of beauty emporium Space NK – Nicky “takes a good hard look at herself and finds that beauty is a balancing act

The pursuit of beauty can become


Nicky discusses how she looks after herself and her body and how to balance wanting to feel good about yourself without self obsession and the endless quest for ”beauty’ (whatever that is!).

I work to live my life in balance, to act beautiful and know when less is more…and when less is simply less. I am on a constant quest for self-improvement – not to be more ‘beautiful’, but to feel more fulfilled. This has undoubtedly given me greater confidence within my own skin, irrespective of anyone else’s assessment.”

Anyone else spent endless hours analyzing the way you look in a mirror – spending a fortune on products and then finally realising (without sounding ridiculously cheesy) that you really do look most ‘beautiful’ when you are content within the inside.


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Grazia Relationships (March 7 2011) “So what’s on your hate list?”

Christina Hopkinson looks at the annoying habits of our beloveds –

“What do YOU hate most about your other half and what happens when you start making a list of his annoying habits?”


Picking his nails

Wet towels on the floor

Letting the dog into bed

Calls me every 5 seconds

Throws his clothes all over the floor

Blaming his farts on the cat

Doing his naked dance

His too tidy

Leaving the toilet seat up


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Elle Culture (March 2011) – ‘My Life in Books’ by Sophie Dahl

Sophie Dahl (model but in my eyes, more importantly, granddaughter of Roald Dahl…how cool!) picks favourite books throughout her life. Surprisingly she didn’t pick a book written by the late great Roald Dahl – of which many had a great impact on my childhood. A stand out book for me that she picked was ‘The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton.

A story of a tree with a different land at the top of it each week. I loved most of Enid Blyton’s stories when I was a child, the quaintness, naivety and fantasy which you can never seem to escape to once you enter adulthood.

What books have inspired you?

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Elle Opinion Article (March 2011) – “So why haven’t you done it yet?”

“So why haven’t you done it yet? – what exactly is stopping you from following your dreams? It’s time to seize the day and throw caution to the wind, says one writer who has done just that.”

Article written by: Esther Freud (….does the surname say it all?!)

” For many of us, our lives are littered with regrets over unfulfilled ambitions. We wish we’d played in a band. Driven across America. Made a million. Sailed the world. For every person that takes action and does whatever it is they want to do, there are many more of us that keep on dreaming – while doing nothing. So what is it that stops us reaching out and seizing hold of our ambitions? Fear usually. And the little voice in our head that says we may not be any good. We may not even like it. It’s easier not to try.”

Esther Freud talks about various ‘hobbies’ that she embarked on when she was younger, but never quite found enough passion to want to continue with (or found excuses not to do them!). She eventually found a passion in acting, but the key being “The ‘sticking to it’ part. Talent only accounts for a fraction of the process – discipline is what brings things to life”.

“However hard it feels to step outside your comfort zone, there is always a wonderful satisfaction that comes from doing something you set your heart on…often these things are worth doing just for the pure pleasure of doing them. And because you promised yourself you would.”

This article got me thinking…growing up we tend to try try try everything! – ballet..tap..horseriding..piano..rock climbing..swimming..judo..scouts.. – What changes? Is Esther Freud right when she says “Fear usually”? Fear of disappointment, failure? Or are the usual excuses of – time..money..responsibilities – actually valid excuses?

What do YOU want to do? Have you achieved your dreams, are you in the process of achieving them or is something holding you back?

“So drive across America if that’s what you really want to do. Learn Italian. Direct a short film. But whatever you choose, and however long you stick at it, remember that the biggest challenge of all is to ignore that doubting voice that tells you that you can’t – and enjoy the adventure.”

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