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Marie Claire (May 2011) – Fashion Gives Back ‘Mary Katrantzou’

Every month Marie Claire has a favourite designer of theirs transform a luxe T-shirt into a couture one off in aid of their favourite charity…

This month Mary Katrantzou does a beauty! Proceeds raised go to The National Autistic Society. 

This is the one off Tshirt she has designed….

Follow this link to enter! http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/features/522585/win-a-couture-mary-katrantzou-t-shirt.html


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Marie Claire Opinion (May 2011) – “Men in skinny jeans”

Men in skinny jeans….ok, or not ok?? What do you think??







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Marie Claire Style (May 2011) ‘Sheer Delight’

Out of 4 picks I chose ‘Sheer Delight’ as my pick of the month from Mays Marie Claire –

“Diaphanous designs are clear favourites on hot days”

Chloe SS11 



(fatalefashion – youtube)

Alberta and Ferretti SS11



Jen Kao SS11 



(xxxxmagazine – youtube)

My high street ‘diaphanous’ buy yesterday….£19.99 from H&M 

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Marie Claire Style (May 2011) – “This Summer We’re Loving…”






1. The Thigh-High Shorts


STYLE TIP —> “Get bronsing ladies – 2011’s shorts show a lotta leg”


ss11 Phillip Lim



Floral Shorts – Cacharel – £175



Celebrity Style – Rihanna



2. The Luxe T-Shirt


STYLE TIP —> “The coolest way to wear your Tshirt is with this seasons billowing maxi” 


SS11 Jil Sander



Printed T-Shirt – Sass and Bide – £115



Celebrity Style – Blake Lively




3. The Day-To-Night Maxi


STYLE TIP —> “This season’s update on the maxi is all about the layers”


SS11 Derek Lam



Raspberry Jersey Tiered Maxi Dress – Topshop – £28.00



Celebrity Style – Daisy Lowe



4. The Wonder Wide Leg


STYLE TIP —> Summer is the best season to try out a colour


SS11 Isabel Marant



MOTO Salmon Jessie Jeans – Topshop – £42



Celebrity Style – Rachel Bilson



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Marie Claire (May 2011) – “Does anyone look their age anymore?”

“In an age where women are under more pressure to hold onto their looks, and millions are spent each year on cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing products, can you really turn back time?”


Stephanie Clarkson gets 10 readers of Marie Claire to give their opinion on the issue…

I’m the right age to make the most of surgery – Zoe Budd, 27


Sunbathing in my twenties is catching up with me now – Donna Ide, 37


Exercise keeps me looking young – Lucy Wyndham-Read, 40


Life’s too short to worry about ageing – Amanda Jenner, 36


I’d rather binge on luxury beauty creams than Botox – Vanessa Kandiyoti, 31


I have the body of a 21 year old and the face of a 38 year old – Caroline Pearce, 29


Facials are key to looking young – Libby Andrews, 25


Youthful looks come from a youthful attitude – Elizabeth Young, 44


Giving up alcohol is the best anti-ageing move I’ve made – Faiza Seth, 33


Having Botox now should protect against ageing later – Katie Mason, 25









The average age at which women feel they have hit their beauty ‘peak’






The age at which girls in the UK start to worry about their weight





The percentage of women dissatisfied with their body shape






The number of bad body thoughts a woman has each day






The number of years older than her real age the average woman looks






Age of the world’s youngest Botox user (who is given injections by her mother)






The number of breast augmentations that were performed in the UK last year






The number of cosmetic procedures undergone by 50 year old Sarah Burge aka the UK’s ‘human barbie’




The perfect age for women to go under the knife according to a public survey






The number of times a woman will change her hairstyle in her lifestyle






MILLION! – The amount of unused skincare products gathering dust in our bathrooms






The number of officially recorded deaths from having a ‘bum lift’






MILLION – The estimated number of women suffering from anorexia in the UK






The age of one of the oldest women in the world to have a facelift






THOUSAND! – The amount of money we will spend on beauty in our lifetime



Any of these statistics surprise you?! I do like my beauty products and trying to enhance what i naturally have but I really feel we have gone too far when 11 year olds are having Botox – what are your thoughts?? are we as women becoming far too obsessed with beauty??

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Marie Claire UK – May 2011 – Front Cover


Front Cover: Glamorous + Sophisticated + Bright Lip

Cover Star: January Jones

Wearing: Diane Von Furstenburg

Photographed by – Guy Aroch

** On offer for £2 instead of £3.60 **


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Marie Claire AD (April 2011)









Favourite Marie Claire UK ad this month – United Colors of Benetton – I have seen a few pictures of this advertising campaign in various magazines this month. Makes me long for spring to arrive and wear flowers in my hair…

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