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Grazia (April 4 2011) – “You – the fashion jury”






“Warning: only Olivia P can get away with wearing a dress the same colour as her skin tone and still glow. I’d hate her if she wasn’t so damn sweet!” – Kay Barron (Grazia fashion news editor)



“The belt bothers me – a lot! The dress is just “Mneh”. It screams ACCESSORISE ME, which I’m afraid Ms. Palermo failed to do.” – Stephanie Lowe (general public)








“This number makes Kate resemble one of those waitress figurines you find outside American diners in the middle of the desert. What’s more, she appears to be playing Wheres Wally? by trying to blend in with the wallpaper. Strange.” – Jim Shelley (The Mirrors TV columnist)



“I’m normally a big fan, but this is not great. Did she steal the dress from a contestant on Dancing on Ice?” – Antonia Ball (General public)




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Grazia U the fashion jury (March 7 2011) Dedicated to Olivia Palermo









PANEL SAYS: “What do you call that? Curry powder coloured? Fastened with a sheepshank knot tied by a passing seaman? Lovely jacket accessorised with a gold bar and a piece of roadkill. Bizarrely appealing.” – Jim Shelley (The Mirrors TV columnist)





YOU SAY: “She looks so cute. The purple shoes add a delicate pop of spring colour and I love the length of the skirt” – Genna Louise Meredith (general public)




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