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Vogue (April 2011) – “Photoshoot times deux”







“Pool Party”




“The Right Lines”



How unique is this little lady – the lovely Lindsey Wixson. Quite obviously the model of the moment as Vogue is concerned…she is literally plastered all over the pages of this months issue. See above photos from 2 photoshoots in this April issue. I prefer ‘The Right Lines’ photos – ‘Pool Party’ screams too much of an old-school 80’s Vogue vibe..which one takes your fancy?


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InStyle Cover Story (March 2011) – “SUPER WOMAN”


What’s the story?

Helena Christensen (model) talks about life as a top supermodel for more than twenty years.

Interviewed by: Kate Bussmann

Photographed by: Mariano Vivanco

Styled by: Amanda Bellan


It’s a strange job where you’re considered to be perfect and beautiful. That’s not normal having that put on you – it feels wrong and uncomfortable”




“I was a hippy teenager. I had dreadlocks and wore longjohns”




“I always felt like I wasn’t totally accepted, like I was on the outside looking in. That’s probably what gave me a long career, because if I had been fully immersed, on a personal level but also by the industry, I might have burnt out really fast.”



“I don’t do it anymore, but if you read anything about yourself, it really messes with you”


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Elle Photoshoot (March 2011) – “Beneath the evening star”

Fave Elle Photoshoot of the month: Ethereal dresses + delicate lace + diaphanous silk + flowing chiffon

Photographer: Matthew Vriens McGrath

Fashion by: Anne-Marie Curtis




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